Bilingual Babysitters

We help your family find a babysitter who can teach your child a second language!


The babysitters are employed by our agency and we pay all their taxes and social charges


We check their references and run criminal background checks


All our employees 
are insured

Some examples of our wonderful babysitters and happy customers:

Jessica, 27 years old

Family with two children:

Alexander 6 and Alice 8 years old

"Jessica is the second nanny we hire through Bilingual Babysitters. The children's father is American and the English language is incredibly important to us

Linda E., Solna

—  Name, Title

is from the USA and speaks English as her native language. Jessica has been lived in Sweden for several years and she is also fluent in Swedish

Top 5 reasons for choosing us

100% customer satisfaction guarantee – in case you are not satisfied, you do not pay anything for the first week

Our services are free of charge until we find a babysitter who suits your family’s needs

You can terminate the contract with us at any time without extra charges for the unbound priceplan

You can change babysitter at any time, for no additional costs

We will have regular contact with you to ensure the quality of our services are maintained

Submit your inquiry now and get 15% discount on the first invoice

Benefits on acquiring a second language are:

Better memory

Studying foreign languages is known to enhance listening skills and memory. Switching between different languages is a great way to get the brain working

More acceptance

A language often comes with a new culture. That usually equals more understanding and acceptance to the fact that everyone is different

Better test scores

Children who have studied foreign languages have higher performance levels in  mathematics, has better readingskills and shows better test results in general

Easier to learn new languages

Being bilingual have enormous benefits, both private and in work life. Children that speak two languages have it easier to learn new languages later in life

How is the process?


Fill in the form above and hit submit! (This inquiry is not binding)


The same or the following business day we will contact you with more information.


If we have a suitable babysitter available, she/he will be presented within 2-3 business days.


If we do not have a suitable babysitter available, we will start our recruitment process and we will present a suitable candidate around two weeks.


If you both like and want to work with each other, a contract is signed between you and our agency.


If you do not find our candidate suitable we will present further candidates until we have found the right one for you.


If you consider our candidate to be of interest a free first meeting will be scheduled between you and the chosen candidate.

Why are bilingual babysitters so great?

We love working with bilingual babysitters because it has lots of obvious and hidden benefits. Choosing a bilingual babysitter not only provides multiple benefits for your child, including acquiring additional languages. After years of specializing in babysitters that speak different languages, we have highlighted the following advantages:

Great personality

Most of our bilingual babysitters moved to Sweden from other countries and have a great life experience, interesting background and are open-minded and flexible

Great role model

Kids often see adults they meet as role models.  95% of our bilingual babysitters have a high education and a lot of previous work experience with children. Ca 60 % lived in other countries before moving to Sweden, traveled around the world or acquired other valuable experiences


It is also common that the general age of a bilingual babysitter is a bit higher than the average which generally makes bilingual nannies more experienced, reliable and responsible

Long-term commitment

It is a natural and common choice to focus on learning Swedish as the first step in their integration process, for many of our international employees. That usually means that the bilingual babysitters have classes in the mornings which fits perfectly with an afternoon babysitting job and they are often able to provide a long-term commitment.

Our Pricing

Price per hour before RUT-deduction and incl. VAT

Hours per month

Price per hour after RUT-deduction and incl. VAT


12-23 h/m

Bound 1**

Bound 2

23-35 h/m

Bound 3

36+ h/m

188 kr

180 kr

172 kr

162 kr

376 kr

360 kr

344 kr

324 kr

Minimum charge per shift is 3 hours

RUT - deduction - For childcare (and other household services) you get a deduction of 50% and the other 50% is paid by the government/Skatteverket.
Click here to read more about RUT. The tax reduction is individual and limited to a maximum of SEK 50,000 per person per year.

*Unbound- In the unbound price plan, no notice period applies, so you or your babysitter may terminate the agreement whenever you wish. We cannot guarantee 100% that your babysitter is available anytime you wish. You and your babysitter decide what days he/she should work.​

**Bound - In the bound price plan, each party has 1 months notice period. You and your babysitter schedule two weeks in advance. The babysitter should be available on your appointed days.

Bound 1: Min. charge/month is 12 h. Equals approx. 1 shift/week

Bound 2: Min. charge/month is 24 h. Equals approx. 2 shifts/week

Bound 3: Min. charge/month is 36 h. Equals approx. 3 shifts/week up to fulltime


- Between kl 21.00-07.00 there will be an additional fee of 20 kr/h
- Saturday, Sunday and red days are an additional 20 kr/h
- Payment via invoice (10 days)

We offer babysitters all over Sweden.

Many of our babysitters come from;

  • Borås

  • Borlänge

  • Enköping

  • Eskilstuna

  • Falköping

  • Falkenberg

  • Falun

  • Gävle

  • Göteborg

  • Halmstad

  • Helsingborg

  • Jönköping

  • Kalmar

  • Karlskrona

  • Karlstad

  • Kristianstad

  • Linköping

  • Luleå

  • Lund

  • Malmö

  • Norrköping

  • Nyköping

  • Nyköping

  • Örebro

  • Skellefteå

  • Skövde

  • Stockholm

  • Strängnäs

  • Sundsvall

  • Södertälje

  • Uddevalla

  • Umeå

  • Uppsala

  • Varberg

  • Västerås

  • Växjö

  • Ängelholm

  • Örnsköldsvik

  • Östersund 


Phone: 08 517 831 43

Bilingual Babysitters

We help your family to find a babysitter who can teach your child a second language!

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